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  • Meet Eric Banks: the person, who, driven by his passion for sports, has established his career as a credible and successful personal trainer, currently the founder of Banks Physique. After spending three years as a dedicated student-athlete at Abilene Christian University, he

  • Everyone Wants the Perfect Figure! With the arrival of summer, everyone obsesses over getting a perfect figure. As much as you want to lose weight, you know that it’s not an easy task. It reminds you of all the endless hours

  • Haven’t Decided Yet? Still, contemplating on hiring an online personal trainer? Sure, it’s a scary ordeal in choosing the correct one. However, if you ask yourself the right questions, you’ll see that virtual training is for you! Do You Want a Perfect Physique at

  • How Many Calories Should I Consume Per Day? Are you eating the right food? Are you confused about how many calories you should consume in a day? Here’s a guide that’ll give you an estimate on how much you need per

  • The Mind of a Fitness Trainer Have you ever wondered what your personal trainer was thinking during your workout sessions? Have you ever doubted if your hard work was being paid off? Here’s a little sneak peek into the mind of

  • What are the best methods for achieving a healthy diet? Ever wondered how a fitness trainer maintains a healthy physique? What’s the secret? Well, to be honest, there’s a lot more to exercising than just the workouts. Not only must you

  • Fitness Apps? Now that you’ve ventured into the zone of online fitness training, you need someone to assist you. It’s necessary to have someone help you to keep track of time and your fitness and diet plan. So, where do you find

  • Home Workouts Have Became a Lot Easier 21th Century! Are you tired of paying for an expensive gym membership and the excessive time consumption? You’re not alone. Getting your home workout with a personal trainer has became alot easier. For the

  • Tired of Working Out Alone? Every time you go to the gym, you can’t help but notice the person with the perfect body. They work out with their personal trainer and you find yourself yearning for the opportunity to do the

  • Once you’ve started lifting weights, losing weight is next on the agenda. It’s time to watch what you eat. This involves observing calorie intake and cutting down on unhealthy meals. Unfortunately, the heart desires what it will and we drool


Welcome to Banks Physique! We are delighted to introduce ourselves and to share how Banks Physique can be beneficial to you. Our Founder, Eric Banks, Launched his career as a personal trainer from his lifelong passion of sports.


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