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Fitness Apps?

Now that you’ve ventured into the zone of online fitness training, you need someone to assist you. It’s necessary to have someone help you to keep track of time and your fitness and diet plan. So, where do you find this assistance? Of course, your online trainer is always there to guide you. However, downloading fitness apps on your phone makes a perfect duo! To help you out, we’ve listed the must-have fitness apps that’ll motivate you to start training right away!


If you’re serious about getting into shape, then Sworkit is your friend. Once you mention the workout and set the time, the app starts working out too! The moves are shown on the screen and help you get in sync with it. The app behaves as your new in-home personal trainer. It not only ensures the service of an assistant but acts as a virtual workout companion as well!

Motion Traxx

Or, if you prefer swaying to rhythm while burning calories in the process, try Motion Traxx. The app combines music with fitness coaching from top-notch trainers all over the world. You feel like you’re having loads of fun while your body is on its way to a new look! The chosen songs keep up with the intensity of the particular exercise.

Daily Yoga

But if you’re searching for a peaceful yoga session, Daily Yoga is the app to go for. It wakes your body and prepares you for a relaxing yet effective workout. With the option of 50+ classes in HD, you have the chance to choose from weight loss, strength or fitness and flexibility! You even have access to fitness videos that can act as your visual guide.


However, if you have less time to train full-on, Fitnet is more your type. Set a personal target from five to seven minutes and utilize the entire time for a hardcore workout. Here’s the twist: it acts as your in-home trainer as well! Since it keeps an eye on you through your phone’s camera, it’ll keep tabs on how closely you follow the moves on the screen. You know what that means: no cheating on reps!


Amp up your workouts through these awesome apps! From fitness coaching to fitness videos, they provide several helpful features. Even better? You can receive these from Banks Physique as well! Join both of them and experience the most productive fitness training plan.

Happy Workout Sessions, Folks!

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