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Welcome to Banks Physique! We are delighted to introduce ourselves and to share how Banks Physique can be beneficial to you.

Our founder, Eric Banks, launched his career as a personal trainer from his lifelong passion of sports. With a resume that consists of playing college football, a Bachelor’s of Science-Exercise Science degree and incredible opportunities that involved training some of the toughest coaches in the state such as, Jeff “MAD DOG” Madden, there’s not a doubt in the world that he knows his stuff!

What’s in it for you?

Banks Physique has helped hundreds of clients to achieve their fitness goals. We focus on keeping all workouts and training sessions fun, exhilarating and motivational while providing a low cost compared to a private one-on-one personal training session.

Are you ready to have higher energy? Do you want to have fun? Banks Physique succeeds in inspiring all clients to achieve their goals and more with their passionate zeal and upbeat, optimistic attitude!

What we offer?

We offer a wide variety of training techniques such as resistance training and HIIT exercises. This ensures that clients are kept accountable and consistent with their workouts. Accountability is a huge part in coaching and personal training! We specialize in helping you to gain muscle, lose body fat, strength training and nutrition.

Anyone Would Fit in With Us!

Banks Physique has helped people from all sizes, shapes, body types and fitness levels. Our goal is simple: to help you to gain a healthier lifestyle through fitness, nutrition, discipline, strength training and more!

Are you shy about training in the gym? We offer online training for both male and female clients! It doesn’t matter how high your fitness goal may be, our process has proven to bring consistent results with every fitness aspiration.

Are you thinking of getting back in shape and feeling better about yourself? Sign up TODAY to get started with a personal trainer! We want to work with you!


Whether you’re a student, busy parent, senior, or body builder, Banksphysique will create a personalized program to ensure success.


What you need is a lifestyle change…but wow, that is HARD! This is where we come in. We are here to guide you through the challenge of becoming the person you want to be.


You have tried enough fitness programs to know that most of them just don’t work for you. If you want results, it’s time to get a customized program from a coach who cares about your story and your success.


It takes more than pure sweat to achieve your goals. Let me personal trainer create a workout plan for you that’s tailored to your body now — and moves you forward to where you want to go. Grounded in science and crafted by experts, our personal training program takes the guesswork out of working out, so you can achieve more with the time you have.

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