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Meet Eric Banks: the person, who, driven by his passion for sports, has established his career as a credible and successful personal trainer, currently the founder of Banks Physique. After spending three years as a dedicated student-athlete at Abilene Christian University, he shifted to Angelo State University to pursue a degree in Bachelor of Science-Exercise Science. Alongside, he also had the opportunities to train several top strength and conditioning coaches in the state, one of whom is Jeff “MAD DOG” Madden. This resulted in him unifying his academic and personal knowledge of health and fitness to help his clients reach their maximum potential. His work led him to achieve certification with the International Sports Science Association.

Now, Eric Banks, using his well-developed knowledge and extensive experience, has founded Banks Physiqueto to reach out to people all over the world who are in dire need of a reliable online personal trainer. He offers health and fitness programs for people to utilize at the comfort of their own homes. But how did this legend start off? Read on to find out more!

  1. What made you decide that you wanted to be a personal trainer?

Well, I have started working out since I was a young boy of 7. It started out when I was in my old neighborhood, where I was playing with kids of my age. I noticed that they had little veins popping out in their biceps, and that intrigued me: how did these little boys have veins coming out of their arms whereas I didn’t? So I decided to ask them about how they got those veins, and their response was “push-ups and sit-ups”. From that day onwards, I started doing home exercises at my place. Starting from lifting kitchen furniture and weight-and even my own weight- I tried any exercise method that I could think of. As I grew up, I started participating in extracurricular activities, including football, basketball, powerlifting, track and field. Thus, all these together fueled my passion and gave me my calling in life- that I want to devote my life to this field and want to become a personal trainer.

  1. How did you get into the fitness industry?

My journey as a fitness trainer started off at a gym in Houston, Texas. Over there, I came across several individuals of different sizes, body types and fitness levels- and each of them had their own requirements. I managed to meet the requirements each of them set out- I took them up as challenges and made sure I deliver exactly what they are looking for. Using one-on-one sessions in the gym, boot camps, large training groups and other methods, I helped them reach their goal and got numerous positive feedbacks. Less than four years into the field, I still remain to be an ambitious trainer, and my national and international following on social media provide me with further encouragement to try even harder.

  1. How has health and fitness changed your life?

My life has improved from every angle. Keeping myself fit and healthy has resulted to a decrease in my stress levels and maintenance of a better lifestyle. Even better- it has made me more confident, and now, I can manage to overcome any obstacle that comes in my way!


  1. What can users expect from your online fitness programs in Banks Physique?

I created Banks Physique with the intention of helping fitness enthusiasts all over the world by providing them with effective health and fitness programs. My services specialize in gaining muscle, losing body fat, strength training and nutrition; also, my online fitness programs are available for both males and females!

  1. What is the number one piece of advice you’d give someone who is on the fence about enrolling in personal training?

In my opinion- do not wait for your goals! Whenever you get an opportunity where you can improve yourself, be sure not to miss it. You wouldn’t want to regret not doing something and say “I should have done that when I had the chance.” After all, life is too short to wait!


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Welcome to Banks Physique! We are delighted to introduce ourselves and to share how Banks Physique can be beneficial to you. Our Founder, Eric Banks, Launched his career as a personal trainer from his lifelong passion of sports.


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